Five Ways to Build Your Client List

Part of growing your contractor business is to bring in new customers, but this is easier said than done. You’re doing everything right, but it can feel like you aren’t gaining enough new clients. There are some simple ways to bring in new customers, though. Here are five ways to build your client list. 

Ask For Feedback

Get in the habit of reaching out to customers to request feedback on their latest home improvement project. A healthy company thrives on both positive and negative feedback. Customer responses offer fresh perspective on what your company excels at as well as highlights the areas where improvements are needed. An added bonus is that when you have a customer who had a great experience, you can ask them to leave a review or testimonial. You can go on to use this for your website and future marketing campaigns. 

Create Rewards For Loyal Customers

When a customer is so thrilled with the work you’ve done that they come back again, it’s time to reward them. You can establish an official rewards program for your customers with features such as deals, discounts, or special access to new services and products. Whatever you choose to offer, your customers will see that you care about them and will stay with you for future home improvement projects. 

Email Newsletters with Premium Content

Put your marketing skills to work and create email newsletters and touchpoints for customers. Begin with a follow-up email after an initial consultation. This can be a simple welcome email that thanks customers for their time and highlights your specialties and current promotions.

Keep your current customers in the loop with a monthly or quarterly email newsletter. This can be tailored to include handy DIY videos, home improvement tips from your team and more. Get creative and use this as a venue for content that your customers can’t get anywhere else. 

Build Your Local Reputation

Your focus should be on keeping your clients happy, but don’t forget about those in your local community. You can build your client list by ensuring your local reputation is favorable. Is there a community clean-up day? Make sure your company is not only there to lend a hand, but consider sponsoring the day or providing materials. This will show that your company is invested in the community and keep your business’s name at top of mind for potential clients. 

Build Your Client List By Offering Financing

It’s a good idea to keep a finger on the pulse of what your competitors are doing. The quality of your work speaks for itself, but when you can offer something nobody else can, you set yourself apart. You can build your client list by being the company who offers contractor financing

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