Half of All Home Remodels Over $5,000 Involve Financing

The image of Benjamin Franklin on a $100 bill peeks from behind some missing puzzle pieces to signify that home remodels are expensive and often require contractor financing.

As contractors know, home remodels can really change the overall feel of a home. They’re a great way to take a much-loved house that’s grown a little stale and give it a fresh start. 

The truth is, while renovations are less costly than buying a new house, the cost can still add up quickly. These expenses sometimes put home remodels out of reach for potential clients, which means that’s a job you don’t book. Fortunately for you, there’s an easy solution in offering contractor financing through HFS Financial. 

Unexpected Cost of Home Remodels  

Some of your clients will spend time saving up for renovations ahead of a project. Some of them get lucky, and the home remodels go as planned and don’t cost any more than their savings. But we all know this kind of scenario is rare.

Other clients will have unexpected expenses that arise during home remodels, and they’ll need to look to financing options. This can actually be a pretty large portion of your client base because, as you well know, home improvement projects and renovations have so many variables that it can be difficult to pinpoint exact costs.

And then there are also situations where your customers will have big renovation plans, and they’ll know they need contractor financing from the get-go. So, the bottom line when it comes to the costs of renovations is that, more often than not, your clients will likely need some kind of financing options. And why shouldn’t they finance through you

Making the Dream a Reality

The reality is that half of home remodels over $5,000 will employ some type of financing. Your clients that are looking to do home renovations beyond the basics will often look to contractors who offer financing. Having a contractor who offers financing for customers saves them the trouble of having to arrange their own funds.

When you offer contractor financing to your clients for their home remodels, you set yourself apart from the competition. If your potential client doesn’t have to go through anyone else to meet their financing needs, why wouldn’t they hire you compared to another contractor who doesn’t offer financing? 

Contractors Who Offer Financing

Many contractors mistakenly assume that offering financing adds unwanted paperwork and complications to their already hectic schedules. The truth is that you can offer contractor financing options for your customers without really being involved at all. 

You simply need to partner with a reliable financing company that takes care of getting everyone the money they need to get the project done right. And that company is HFS Financial.

When you partner with us, we have an HFS widget you can install directly onto your website. All you have to do is point people there. If a client is looking for contractor financing for their home remodels, they can be instantly connected to our expert team with one click of a button on your website.

From there, your client’s financing is our responsibility, and you can proceed with the home renovation as if they were a cash buyer because there’s no stage funding. It absolutely couldn’t be easier. 

Partnering with HFS Financial

HFS Financial has been in the home improvement financing business for a long time. We live by our motto, “You Dream It, We Finance It.” We are passionate about connecting clients with the financing they need to do their home remodels without delay. 

Partnering with HFS Financial means that you can offer your clients an efficient and simple financing option and still focus on what you do best — home renovations. Get in touch with HFS Financial today to add our amazing financing to your portfolio of options for your customers.

Half of All Home Remodels Over $5,000 Involve Financing

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