How General Contractors Should Deal with Bad Reviews

How Contractors Should Deal with Bad Reviews

Everyone knows that a good reputation is vital to running a successful business. However, gone are the days of only having word-of-mouth referrals. In are the days of either glowing or scathing internet and social media reviews. For contractors, resolving negative reviews is not as easy as offering a coupon for the next visit. Maintaining a favorable reputation is necessary to keep the clients coming back. Check out these tips for how contractors should deal with bad reviews. 

Keep Calm and Professional; Read the Review

Reading a negative review about your own company can be hard to handle. Instinctually, you want to respond emotionally, but you have to remember that the customer is reacting to their emotions. So, while your business is a personal commitment to you, you must not take the review too personally. Take a breath and think about how you would respond to the person if they were in front of you, on your site, and how you would expect your team to respond to any customer. React and respond with courtesy and professionalism.

First, address what the main complaint is and accept constructive criticism. Acknowledge the customer’s concerns, and ask for more information so that you can better understand the issues with your service. Include an apology and empathize with the customer as if you were in their shoes. Acting dismissive or hot-headed will not resolve the complaint and may lead to even further damage through word of mouth. It is said that an angry customer will tell at least ten people about a negative experience. Imagine how many more people they will tell if their complaint was not handled to their satisfaction. 

Acknowledge the Complaint and Follow up with Change

Prepare to implement changes in your company to avoid more negative reviews in the future. Share the review with the team and discuss how the situation could have gone differently. You can also adjust your practices and look into further training options. After implementing new policies, follow up with the customer and let them know you’ve made the appropriate changes to address their concerns if it is something that can be fixed. 

One way to combat negative reviews is to increase your positive reviews. Focus on customer service and offer incentives to your staff for positive reviews. Invite happy customers to post reviews whenever you have the chance, and have your staff encourage their customers. Try offering a bonus for reviews that mention them by name. 

Be Proactive and Anticipate Customer Expectations

Customer service can be tricky, as it’s defined in a vague manner. Knowing what your customers are looking for can go a long way in providing quality service that is exceptional. In this article from Reader’s Digest, the author describes “red flags” to look for when hiring a contractor. When you know what traits consumers are looking for when shopping for a contractor, you are able to anticipate their expectations and provide a positive experience that goes above and beyond. 

Another way to stay ahead of bad reviews is to be aware of your company’s online reputation. Set Google Alerts to notify you when your company’s review is posted to a third-party site. This gives you the opportunity to respond quickly to a negative review. Deal with bad reviews and resolve the matter quickly. Most customers expect an answer to their reviews within a day, so if you aren’t watching the online mentions of your own company, you will miss the opportunity to make things right. Common complaints for contractors are scheduling issues, customer service, and transparent communication, so focus on those areas to improve your reviews. 

Boost Your Reviews by Offering Financing

Having connections to other resources offers customers the convenience of having a one-stop-shop contractor. When you’re able to offer finance options for your customers, you’re saving them time and providing them an opportunity to build their dreams. Let us help you boost your reviews and send your customers to us for a 60-second application. Call us today at 1-800-254-9560 to start your bright future. “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

How General Contractors Should Deal with Bad Reviews

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