How to Check References and Reviews Before Hiring a Home Renovation Contractor

Hiring a home renovation contractor is easy with tips from HFS Financial.

When hiring a home renovation contractor, it’s important to check the contractor’s references and reviews before making any hiring decisions. This will help you get a better idea of the contractor’s work quality, reliability, and customer service skills. With some tips from HFS Financial, checking references and reviews can help lead you to the home renovation contractor that’s right for you.

Ask for References from Previous Customers

When interviewing potential contractors, you are in the driver’s seat. You need to make sure that their work is not only quality, but also that they are good to work with over an extended time of renovation. The contractor and their crew will be in and out of your house or your property, so it’s imperative to know that they are a good fit.

Be sure to ask for a list of past clients and homeowners who can provide you with honest feedback about the contractor’s work quality, reliability, and customer service skills. This is often one of the best indicators of how well the contractor will perform on your home renovation project.

Check Reviews Online

In addition to checking references from previous clients, you should also check reviews of the contractor on websites like Facebook, Yelp and Google. These reviews can give you a good idea of how other homeowners felt about their hiring experience with this particular contractor.

Take note of any negative or concerning reviews, as there may be issues with the contractor’s work quality or customer service skills that you need to be aware of. On the other hand, positive reviews can help reassure you that this contractor will do a great job on your home renovation project.

Weigh the positive reviews against the negative. Are there overwhelming amounts of one-star reviews online? It may be a good idea to steer clear. On the other hand, if the five-star reviews are overwhelming and those negative reviews seem like the customer was actually the one at fault, there may still be potential with the contractor you want to hire.

Ask for a Portfolio of Past Work

Along with references from previous clients and reviews online, you should also ask the contractor for a portfolio showing examples of their past work. This can give you a visual idea of what to expect on your own home renovation project, helping you make an informed hiring decision.

Do you see projects in the contractor gallery or portfolio that are similar to the high-quality work that you are wanting done? If so, that may be a great sign that this is the contractor you’ve been looking for.

When Hiring a Home Renovation Contractor, See if They Offer Customer Financing with HFS Financial

When hiring a home renovation contractor, it’s important to carefully evaluate their references and reviews before making any hiring decisions. But also check to see if contractor financing is available for your project.

Having easy access to non-stage financing is a great way to help ensure that your home renovation project goes smoothly from start to finish without any delays or interruptions.

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