How to get Leads from Google as a General Contractor

Mac OS computer displaying Google search

Over the past 20+ years, Google has transformed the world of information. You don’t “look something up” anymore. You “Google it”. With this big of a cultural impact, Google doesn’t just transform informational searches anymore — it can also transform your business. The best part is, you can make Google work for you by helping you get leads. Here’s how to get leads from Google as a general contractor.

Personalize Your Business Listing

When you search businesses on Google, have you ever wondered how some businesses get that little box to pop up with all of their business information? Have you wanted to do that for your business? It’s super easy. Google lets you personalize your business listing with “Google My Business.” All you have to do is create a free account and you’ll get access to many features, including:

  • Personalizing your business listing with hours, contact information, and website info
  • Connecting with customers via the Google questions and reviews section
  • Access to insights, such as how many customers view your listing


You can even start a website for free with Google My Business if your business doesn’t have one already. Websites with good keyword use (or search engine optimization) will help you get seen more in Google searches. 

Share Your Expertise with Blogs

Are you more likely to patron a business that has visible expertise online or one that barely has a web presence? 

Creating blogs will help you increase your Google presence. Think about it. If you have a blog on different types of windows, your website will now show up in results for “general contractors” and “different types of windows,” plus other variations of these terms. The more blogs you write, the more searches your business will show up under. 

Be the First Result with Ads

Whenever you search something on Google, the first thing you always see is an ad. If you have the budget, ads are a great way to boost your business. These will get your business to the front page of Google faster than websites and blogs. 

Google Ads also allows you to customize your ads. You get to choose who you want to see your ads and what time of day you want them to see the ads. For example, you can choose the age and location of your audience, as well as what key words they’re searching for, so you get the most out of your money. It will also provide analytics so you can see how many leads you’re getting.

Gain Leads When You Offer Financing

How great would it be if you could get more leads and help out your clients? With financing, you can! Potential leads are more likely to go with a contracting business that offers financing, because it takes some of the work off of them. So instead of Googling “general contractors”, they may Google “general contractors who offer financing.”

HFS Financial not only makes learning how to gain leads from Google as a general contractor easy; we also make offering financing easy. When you partner with us, all you have to do is let your clients know. They’ll fill out our 60-second application, and we’ll handle the rest. It’s really that easy! Get started offering financing today by calling us at 1-800-254-9560. “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

How to get Leads from Google as a General Contractor

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