How to Promote Financing Options for Your Contracting Customers

how to promote financing options

When Discover® conducted a survey of homeowners looking to remodel or take on home improvement projects, they found that just 25% of them had saved the funds for their project. So where does that leave the other 75% of people? Looking for financing options for their projects, of course! With so many people choosing to finance their home repair or remodel, it just makes sense that you, as a contractor, are able to offer customers financing. 

The good news is, with HFS Financial as your partner, all the work’s on us! Beside adding our widget to your website and pointing costumers to it when you need to, there’s not much for you to do. But what happens next? Once you decide you want to provide a way for customers to get home improvement loans, how do you promote financing options for your contracting customers? Don’t worry — it’s simple.

Refer Clients to Your Website

Often as not, customers will be asking you if your company has any financing options. When they do, assuming you’ve got HFS Financial as your partner, you’ll just point them to your website. The HFS Financial application link you’ll install on your site will walk people through the 60-second online inquiry. It’s so easy to add this incredible option to your site and our web marketing partners will be glad to help if you need it

Get Social About Your Financing Options

You can use your social media accounts to promote financing options from time to time. It doesn’t have to be too often. Just once or twice a month, make a post that reads something along the lines of, “Do you need financing to get started on your home improvement project? Click here!” Then, connect them to the HFS Financial application link on your website. We specialize in all things around the home. From swimming pool loans to loans for a backyard patio renovation, your clients can find the financing they need when you partner with HFS Financial.

Mention it in Marketing

You may be surprised how many homeowners check into your financing options just from these two things. But, if you’d like to go a step further, you can include a simple statement in some of your other marketing venues like email campaigns or flyers.

The main thing you’ll find when you partner with HFS Financial for contracting costumer financing is that it’s pretty much hands-off for you! The online process is very quick and simple for them — so you don’t have to wait through a long delay while they try to procure financing elsewhere before you can get started on the project. Want to learn more? Start here!

How to Promote Financing Options for Your Contracting Customers

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