Low-Cost Advertising Methods That Actually Work

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When you want to get your company’s name out there in a powerful way, low-cost advertising is a desirable way to market your services. You may already have a budget for some more major marketing. But low-cost options are also an incredible way of keeping your company front and center to prospective customers. There are several affordable methods that work well, and brand recognition is achievable by getting your name out to the general public in as many ways as possible. Here are some low-cost advertising methods that actually work.

Staying Active on Social Media

Social media marketing is one of the most popular methods of low-cost advertising. So many people connect to at least one social media platform for one reason or another. Using social media platforms to advertise is simple, and it’s a great way to get your contractor’s brand out. A marketing mastermind knows the benefits of staying current with trends, and social media definitely fits the bill.

Social media is also a great place to highlight your employees, their accomplishments, and goals. You can incorporate videos of your team as well that will spark interest. Branding via social media will bring organic traffic to your business. You can even link your website in your social media posts. 

Keeping a Fresh Website 

A website is another powerful advertising tool to utilize well. An outdated, inaccurate website will not draw the attention of prospective clients like a fresh, clean website will. Up-to-date information is the goal for a contractor’s website. A professional website gives the first impression that you want people to have of your services. It is a great place to meet new people and to showcase the success of your previous jobs. People search the internet for all kinds of important information before investing money. Let them land on your informative website when they’re looking for a contractor.

Sponsoring a Local Kids League

Nothing says you care like getting involved with your local community. Find a worthy sports league to sponsor, and your name will be associated with a team. As you support the team and provide the items they need, you can incorporate your branding on their jerseys, banners, website, etc. This method is not only effective, it is also gratifying. You can enjoy getting to know people that you are helping, and they can learn about the services you can provide. This is a win for everyone!

Offer Spectacular Financing

One last completely free way of getting your name out there is to offer financing with HFS Financial! Want to be known as the contractor who has all the financing options that people need for their home improvement projects? We can absolutely help! With our handy free widget on your website, you’ll be able to connect all your customers directly to the financing they need. Our 60-second online loan inquiry is unbelievably easy to use, and with no staged financing, you’ll get the payment you need to get the job done right. Call 1-800-254-9560 to add our service today. With HFS Financial and these other low-cost marketing options that actually work, you’ll be set up for success. “You Dream It, We Finance It.”



Low-Cost Advertising Methods That Actually Work

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