Our Top-Secret Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Stylish outdoor kitchen

Your backyard is a beautiful extension of your living space. At HFS Financial, we know that one of our favorite ways to utilize this space is by cooking outside. A wealth of untapped culinary potential is waiting for you to discover it in your own outdoor kitchen. Start grilling, baking, roasting, and more for your family and friends right in your own backyard. Here are our top-secret tips for the perfect outdoor kitchen. 

Build a Solid Foundation for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Before building anything, you must establish a basic floor plan and choose the flooring material. Marble and tile are attractive options but will become slippery when wet and may not hold up well against grease and outdoor dirt. Concrete, pavers, or slate can be excellent choices for your outdoor space. If you go with wood, like a deck, take the proper steps to stain and weatherproof. Not only will a solid foundation ensure your outdoor kitchen’s lifetime, but your finished project will also look stunning and professional. 

If you do not already have something in place to put your outdoor kitchen on, make sure to include financing for that in your outdoor kitchen loan. We can help you cover the extra expense associated with building the foundation first.

Choose the Location for Your Outdoor Kitchen Wisely

Do you like throwing big dinner parties or hosting get-togethers? If you love entertaining bigger crowds, remember that you’ll likely have to carry heavy dishes to and from your indoor kitchen. You’ll want easy access to your home for convenience. 

You should also consider the view. Do you want your outdoor kitchen to face the swimming pool? Overlook the garden? Do you want to entertain guests with your cooking skills? Or face away from them to concentrate better? The choice is yours but be sure you have a plan before building.

Create Multiple Seating Options Around Your Outdoor Kitchen

Consider multiple seating arrangements for your entire backyard. Think big, and add in a fire pit with seating, a large dining table for entertaining, and other loungers with umbrellas for relaxing. You could add on a sunroom so that you can enjoy the views from inside the house as well.

Install Your Favorite Appliances

Building an outdoor kitchen doesn’t limit you to only adding a grill. You can add a smoker, hibachi grill, pizza oven, wine cooler, or refrigerator. Think about your favorite things to prepare and go from there. 

You’ll also want appliances that last longer. Stainless steel and ceramic work great in all weather conditions and are incredibly durable. Don’t forget to add a sink and storage to minimize trips indoors. 

Don’t Forget to Include Landscaping and Fencing

The thing that finishes off any backyard project is the landscaping. With the addition of beautiful shrubbery and plants, your space can look full and complete. Make sure to include plans for this in your loan as well. 

If you don’t already have a fence, you will want to make this part of your landscaping process as well. Not only does it offer you more privacy for your parties, but it also keeps children, pets, and your property safer. 

Let’s Get Cooking

Are you ready to bring your perfect outdoor kitchen to life? With HFS Financial, we can help find you the right home improvement loan to complete all your outdoor projects. All you need is 60 seconds to complete our rate checker online. Discover the options available and know you are getting the best loan for your needs.

Inquiry does not affect your credit score, so there’s no reason to wait. Make this summer, and every summer, full of beautiful memories with all the people you love. Start planning your backyard oasis today! With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”


Our Top-Secret Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

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