The Best Social Media Platforms for Contractors

The Best Social Media Platforms for Contractors

The world today is becoming increasingly digital, and that includes the marketing world as well. If you’re trying to transition your marketing to a more digital approach, social media is an easy first step. Through different social media channels you can promote your company and gain new clients. If you’re new to social media, looking at the variety of options can be intimidating. Which ones would be right for your company? We’ll tell you the best social media platforms for contractors, plus tips to make the most of your posts. 


Facebook is the largest social media site in the world. Used most by those 25-44 years of age, it’s a platform you definitely want to take advantage of. When searching for a contractor, potential customers immediately turn to the Internet. When they see your company has an active Facebook page, it tells them your business is active and interacting with clients. 

Consistency is key when posting to your Facebook page. If a potential customer finds that your most recent post was over eight months ago, they’ll move on. But when they see you consistently post a few times per week, they’re more likely to turn to you. Keep your content up to date, interact with customers on your page, and encourage current customers to give reviews!


Used primarily by those 24-34 years of age, the entire point of Instagram is to share images with followers. What better way to show off your incredible work than with before and after images of your projects? 

With Instagram, it’s important to vary the types of posts you make. Images are the bread and butter of Instagram, but be sure to keep your content fresh by rotating between how-to videos, adding to stories, and more. And because Instagram is so heavily focused on images, make sure yours are good quality. 


Video marketing is growing right now and the construction industry can really take advantage of it. Second only to Google, YouTube is actually the second largest search engine. This platform is widely used by viewers of all age groups, which makes it the perfect place for your company to be seen. 

Before you start worrying about investing in high-end video production equipment, that won’t be necessary. Using your  smartphone, you can produce videos that will draw current and potential customers. But just be sure that your camera work is steady and accurate. 

Your videos don’t have to be long and involved. In fact, a quick, two-minute video on replacing a light fixture will do the trick! Here are a few other ideas to get you started:

  • DIY projects for homeowners
  • How-to videos for repairs
  • Customer reviews to video and share them 
  • A start to finish project with time-lapse video. What a great way for customers to see your work!


Once you’ve recorded great videos, be sure that the title accurately reflects the content and that your description uses keywords that will draw the right viewers. 

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The Best Social Media Platforms for Contractors

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