The Gutter and Siding Business’ Guide to Smart Hiring

guide to smart hiring

“Start with good people, lay out the rules, communicate with your employees, motivate them, and reward them. If you do all those things effectively, you can’t miss.” – Lee Iacocca

Hiring the perfect employees is easier said than done, right? At HFS Financial, we want to help your gutter and siding business find the best talent out there. This guide to smart hiring should get you started on the right track. Because finding quality, hard-working, loyal employees can feel like mining for diamonds. It takes time but is worth it in the end. 

Guide to Smart Job Postings

It all starts with what you put in the job posting and where you post it. There are a plethora of career-finding websites where you can hang your virtual “now hiring” sign. But don’t forget to search for hiring websites that specialize in construction. 

Make the posting as detailed as possible. This will prevent people from applying who are really not qualified. If it’s too vague, the applicants might not want to do the actual job when they find out more details at the interview. Wasting time is like wasting money. 

Check and double-check your postings for spelling and grammar. Top-tier employees want to work for a highly professional company.

Once your job is posted, share the posting to your social media accounts. You can even pay to advertise the job posting on social media if you are not getting any bites.

Guide to Smart Vetting

Follow through with references. It bears saying again: follow through with references. If someone writes down three phone numbers, that doesn’t equate to shining recommendations from those bosses. A five-minute phone call with a former employer can tell you a lot about a person’s work ethic and attitude. 

Guide to Smart Apprenticeships

Starting an apprenticeship program is a great way to give yourself well-trained employees. Advertise your program at local high schools or community colleges. Then, you can mold your “blank slates” into perfect gutter and siding installers as they work to learn the skills they need for the industry. 

Guide to Smart Retention

Hiring excellent employees doesn’t mean anything if they don’t stick around for long. If your onboarding process is disorganized or doesn’t provide proper training, it will scare people off before they even get started. 

Your training program should be written down and you should add things to it as needed. This is much more preferable to new employees than having to figure things out through trial and error.

You need to make your company a place where people like coming to work. Reward hard work, implement incentives, and make employee appreciation a high priority in your budget. Also, safety should reign above all at your company. If you aren’t looking out for their well-being, your employees will know it and will find work elsewhere.

Guide to Smart Financing

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The Gutter and Siding Business’ Guide to Smart Hiring

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