The Home Renovation Business’ Guide to Social Media Marketing

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If you’re going to own a successful company in the 21st century, it’s imperative to make social media marketing a part of your business strategy. Whether you like it or not, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok are where consumers spend much of their time. Therefore, by increasing your social media presence, you’ll be able to engage with your customers like never before.

Make a Social Media Marketing Plan

Set Marketing Goals

Obviously, the end goal is to gain customers and increase profits. So, short-term goals might involve the number of followers you get, the number of click-throughs to your site, or the number of times someone shares your posts.

Figure out Your Market 

There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for choosing your target market. Depending on the demographics of your area, you could target middle-aged, two-income households, or single professionals. Look at the demographics of your previous customers to see who is most likely to have a need for home renovation in your area. 

How Are Your Competitors Using Social Media Marketing?

Check in on your competitors’ social medial pages. You might be able to learn from their mistakes. At the very least it will give you a goal for the number of followers you need to beat. Click here for more information about how to dominate your competition. 

Set Aside a Social Media Marketing Budget

Ideally, you would have money in your budget to hire a social media manager who specializes in branding. Another option is to hire a third-party marketing company to take care of this social media “mumbo jumbo” for you. 

If it all has to fall on your shoulders, at least set aside a monthly budget for boosting advertisements on social media. You can start with a small amount, see how many people lay eyes on it using the website’s analytics, and adjust your spending accordingly. 

Choose Where to Build Your Presence

Facebook is one of the most used social media sites, and it’s also a common place for people to leave business reviews (click here to learn more about managing online reviews). So, making a Facebook business page should be a no-brainer. 

Pinterest lends itself well to home renovation businesses because consumers go there to get home improvement ideas. YouTube is the place to be if you can make video advertisements, or if you want to put time and energy into starting a YouTube channel. People love watching other people do home renovations because it’s so satisfying!

How Often are You Going to Post?

Once a week? Every day? Figure out what kind of posts you want to make ahead of time and put it on a schedule. Facebook allows you to schedule posts in advance so that you can make many different ones in one day, and they will go live whenever you want them to.

Advertise Contractor Financing Using Social Media Marketing

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The Home Renovation Business’ Guide to Social Media Marketing

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