The Right Flooring Choice for Each Room in Your Home

Children playing with puzzle on wooden flooring in home

Trying to determine the best flooring choice to install for every room in your home can seem like a daunting task. Certain rooms require specific types of flooring, while others have much more wriggle room when it comes to your preferences. Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the right flooring options so you can make the most out of each unique space in your home. 


Your entryway or foyer is, of course, the first room your guests come to when entering your home. Most any type of flooring will work here if you have a mat to wipe dirt and mud off of shoes first. However, hardwoods, tile, or any type of laminate may be easier to keep clean. Do you envision a stunning inlaid wood design? Maybe something easy to mop up, like tile, for when the dogs come in? The sky’s the limit on your personal preference for your entry.

Living Room

The flooring option you choose for the living room should reflect your style and what you deem comfortable. Hardwoods are timeless and look stunning in just about any setting. Carpets are soft and comfortable and may create a cozier atmosphere. Or do a combination of the two with exquisite hardwoods and a beautiful area rug to define your space. You can’t go wrong!


When it comes to the heart of your home — your kitchen — you definitely want to steer clear of carpeting. Even the cleanest of cooks make messes. Can you imagine the marinara, grease, and of course, the famous mystery stains that would accumulate? 

Hardwoods, natural stone or ceramic tile, vinyl, or laminate are a much smarter option. And when you need a comfortable place to stand, you can always set gel mats in places where you stand frequently, like in front of the stove or sink. 


Much like the living room, the right flooring choice for the bedroom is up to you. Hardwoods are beautiful, stylish, and easy to clean. If you go with a hardwood for your bedrooms, you may choose a warmer shade to promote a relaxing, inviting environment. 

Or go lighter for a clean, minimalist look. And when you want the ultimate in master bed and bath luxury, go with a heating element under the floor to warm your tootsies on a cool winter’s morning. 

Does carpet seem like a better choice for your family? Look for options with thick, plush fibers to maximize softness and comfort.


The go-to flooring for bathrooms is usually tile. From sensational, sleek, modern tile to rustic, warm travertine, tile can help set the stage for your perfect bathroom. Any laminate, vinyl, or hardwood can also be optimal but try to find flooring with moisture-resistant properties. This will help protect your floor from water damage and bowing as you exit the tub or shower.


When it comes to playrooms, there’s no need to skimp on comfort. Good flooring choices for playrooms are soft carpets to crawl on or vinyl or laminate flooring for easy cleanup. You may want to skip the hardwood flooring… it could prove too hard to care for, especially with children.

You may also want to consider sound reduction, especially if you have more than one child. Providing both safety and reduced noise, you can even find carpets with non-absorbent fibers to make cleaning spills a breeze.

Media Room and Library

Wood floors in a darker color emulate elegance and sophistication, making it a perfect option for a library or media room. If you want to add a softer touch, a gorgeous rug can tie a room together and make it feel more inviting. 

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The Right Flooring Choice for Each Room in Your Home

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