The Secrets to Building Your Business With Facebook

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As its use has become ubiquitous across the entire planet, Facebook has become a veritable phonebook of humanity. People use Facebook to connect with other people. Likewise, businesses use Facebook when they want to connect with current and prospective customers online. Facebook IQ has confirmed: “At least once a week, nearly 2 in 3 people on Facebook visit the page of a local business or event.” Don’t miss out on this traffic for your business. If you’re looking for the secrets to building your business with Facebook, read on.

The Busy, Busy Social Marketplace

Now more than ever, people are going online for the things they used to do in person. Facebook says: “People spend time online connecting with friends, family members and things that matter to them. This includes discovering and engaging with businesses. Having an online presence for your business means people can easily find more information about your offering. You can also use your online presence to communicate directly with your customers and update them about your business. An online presence helps you stay connected with your customers where they spend time.”

People all over the world meet friends, share thoughts, and shop on Facebook. Building your business with Facebook is like setting up a digital flagship store in a busy, busy social marketplace. 

The Secrets to Building Your Business With Facebook

If you don’t already have a business Page set up on Facebook, start there! Business pages on Facebook are free to set up. After you have set up your Facebook business page, there are habits you can employ that have proven to help in building your business with Facebook. Take a look.

Stay Active

Post on your Facebook business page often. People on Facebook view their chosen content in a timeline. The order in which posts appear on a given timeline is determined by a computer algorithm. One important action that will give your posts more favorable placement with the algorithm is posting with regularity.

Staying active on your Facebook business page includes engaging with your followers. When you like and reply to comments on your posts, or answer questions on your page, you further improve your placement in the algorithm.

Post Varied Content

Fill your page with interesting and relevant posts to your industry and audience. Post in different mediums including text, videos, photos, gifs, memes, articles, blogs, and reviews. Make your posts useful and shareable. 

Furthermore, share with your audience using varied features, not just posts. You can host live video events on Facebook Live, post original video content on Facebook Video, and share 24-hour disappearing moments with Facebook Stories.

Utilize Facebook Tools

To get the most out of your Facebook business page, take advantage of free and paid tools provided by the platform. Business Pages include Audience Insights for your use. From Facebook IQ: “Facebook Audience Insights gives you aggregate information about two groups of people — people connected to your page and people on Facebook — so you can create content that resonates, and easily find more people like the ones in your current audience.”

You may also decide that a paid Facebook ad is worth it to put your posts in front of more leads whose interests are similar to your audience.

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The Secrets to Building Your Business With Facebook

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