What Every General Contractor Should Go Over with Their Clients

what every general contractor should go over with their clients

Even if you’ve been in the contracting business for a while, there may be times you wonder if you’re going over everything with your clients. Do you sometimes just get in the swing of things and miss checking off all the boxes? Or, if you’re a new contractor, are you wondering what boxes you need to check to begin with? Here’s what every general contractor should go over with their clients.

What is the budget and timeline?

The two most important things to discuss with your clients are budgets and timelines. When taking on a project, you want to make sure you’re both on the same page concerning the amount of money for materials and labor. Adjust the budget to meet the needs of the client by moving up or down the financial scale on quality of materials and finishes used. 

You also want to define a timeline. While this might change due to weather or other emergencies, this timeline should be pretty set. This gives both you and the client peace of mind, as you have a deadline you’re accountable to and will be paid by. Plus, your client knows when they can expect their project to be finished. It’s important to discuss these two things at the beginning to make sure you and your client are on the same page and that you’re a good fit.

What are their expectations?

Every client is going to have different expectations when it comes to their projects. Some of your clients will be new to this and may expect constant communication and a speedy finish. Others may have more experience and have more realistic expectations. Discussing expectations up front will get you both on the same page and prevent future tension or disappointment.

Who is their contact?

Once you discuss their expectations, you should discuss their personal contact. In contracting and subcontracting, there are so many different people who play important roles. This can be hard for the client because, unlike you, they don’t understand how the hierarchy works and whom they should contact if they have a concern. Contractors can make this this easy for clients by giving them one person to contact. Going over this point of contact in the first meeting will make things easier for both you and your client.

Go over with your clients: How are they going to pay for it?

Last but not least on our list of what every general contractor should go over with their clients is payment. How is your client going to pay for their new project? Are they going to pay themselves or do they need financing? Odds are many of your clients are going to need financing and HFS Financial can help.

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What Every General Contractor Should Go Over with Their Clients

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