Why Online Reviews are Important to Gutter & Siding Businesses

online reviews

Online reviews are like that annoying neighbor who knows all your business. They can sing your praises and air your dirty laundry at the same time. You shouldn’t write them off as unimportant to the success of your business. In the world of gutters and siding, your reputation is everything. Reaching five-star status is sure to increase profits and open countless doors for your business both now and in the future.

The Power of Peer Pressure

People put great stock in the experiences of other people. If you and a competitor have similar prices and quality of work, a customer will use online reviews as the determining factor for who to pick. It doesn’t matter if all the reviews are from strangers. Consumers will trust the opinion of strangers over the promises of a business that stands to gain a profit from them. 

Strong Online Reviews Boost Google Rankings

Google’s algorithm takes over 200 factors into consideration when ranking websites in search results. Google wants its customers to be happy with their results, so businesses with high star ratings will definitely be listed higher than the ones with low star ratings. Read our blog to find out more about boosting your Google ranking.

The Amount of People Using Online Reviews Grows Every Year

According to Social Media Today, about 69.9% of consumers read online reviews during their research process, and 62.7% of consumers consider online reviews “important” or “very important” when deciding which local business to use. 

Obviously, this wasn’t always the case when it came to shopping around for gutter and siding contractors. In the “old days,” the only reviews you might get about a business would be from the other guys at the barber shop that day. Now, even the most old fashioned of people have discovered the beauty of online reviews and use them to their advantage. 

How to Boost Online Reviews

Proactively Seek Online Reviews 

It’s one big numbers game. The more reviews you get, the more accurate the average star rating is. Email customers after their projects are finished and include a link to your Google business page, asking for a review. 

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Communicate, be polite, fix mistakes, and go the extra mile to make people happy. There’s more to it, so visit our blog to learn more about providing excellent customer service

Hire a Third Party to Manage Online Reviews

If you have one or two scathing reviews that are ruining people’s impressions of you, you might consider pulling out the “big guns.” There are multiple websites that specialize in defending online reputations. They can often get negative reviews removed by claiming them as defamation or pointing out violations of the website’s terms-of-use policy.

Provide Contractor Financing

A great way to leave customers satisfied and smiling is by partnering with HFS Financial to provide contractor financing. They will be thrilled that the application only takes 60 seconds to complete. They will be flabbergasted when they are quickly offered the perfect gutter or siding loan for their needs. They will be amazed at how fast their loan is financed upfront. Talk about five-star service! At HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It!”


Why Online Reviews are Important to Gutter & Siding Businesses

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