2 Simple Ways to Increase Your Customer Base

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Two men wearing flannel shirts shake hands. The man in the foreground is wearing a yellow safety vest and holding a clipboard. He's a contractor looking to increase his customer base.

You can’t have a business without customers. If fact, your business won’t grow without customers. A growing business is a healthy business, so how can you bring in those clients and make them happy? Let’s take a look. Here are two simple ways to increase your customer base. 


One sure fire way to increase your customer base lies in how good your advertising is. Clients can’t know your contractor business is an option if they don’t know you exist. Good advertising is an invaluable part of growing and maintaining your business. Consider hiring an advertising firm, if you’d like, but there are some simple things you can do all on your own.

In construction, there are a ton of ways to advertise without much added effort. Your work truck can be a mobile billboard with the use of car magnets or wraps. Make sure your company name and logo are highly visible on all your company cars. Create business cards to hand out with you contact information and specialties, so that people can have a physical reminder of your business. Post regularly on your social media accounts. 

And don’t underestimate the power of stuff. Think of all the ways you can advertise by giving people things they will use. T-shirts are walking advertisements and so are really nice mugs or tumblers. People need pens to write with and ball caps to wear. Each of these items is a place where your name and logo can exist so that your information is always in the forefront of people’s minds. You could even consider something related to your trade like tiny measuring tapes that bear your company name and logo. Then the next time these people have a home improvement project, who do you think they will call first?


Another simple way to increase your customer base is to incentivize. Offer incentives for existing clients and new clients alike. If a current client refers a new client to you, they could both receive a small discount. This can encourage your current clients to not only talk about your work and how great it is with their friends, but it can also encourage them to become repeat clients. That’s what we call a win-win. 

Remember all the advertising you’ve been doing? Offer a five percent discount or throw in something extra for mentioning where they heard about you. That way your new client gets a deal, and you get a little information about what advertising strategy is working for you. Incentivization is a great and simple way to grow your clientele. 

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