4 Types of Emails That Will Get Read By Your Leads and Clients

A potential customer reads through their emails. What types of emails will get read?

For as long as emails have been used to communicate, they’ve also been left ignored and lonely in inboxes around the globe. So how can your voice reach through the noise of a cluttered email feed and effectively connect with your clients and leads? Technology has advanced leaps and bounds since Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks emailed themselves into love, but with the right choices your customers can still get that “You’ve Got Mail” rush from a marketing email from you. Read on to discover 4 types of emails that will get read by your leads and clients.

Add value to your customer’s inbox by sharing your knowledge.

First, remember that your business is equipped to offer advice and solutions to your clients from a place of special knowledge. Set your company up as a voice of authority in your industry by offering your knowledge to customers in your email marketing. Everyone loves to learn something interesting! Let your customers see your passion for the service you provide in the enthusiastic way you share about it. 

Empower your clients with DIY projects and tutorials.

Second, we all love when a problem or need at home can be solved with some easy do-it-yourself tips. Dive into the lives of your clients and consider the projects on their list. Pool installation leads want to know how to remix their pool furniture for spring. Home renovation customers are looking for recipes to entertain with in their dream kitchens. Landscaping clients need easy DIY decorations and installations for their growing gardens. When you offer your expertise to empower your customers with projects and solutions they can do themselves, you become a reliable partner for the things that require a professional touch.

Use tips and tricks to craft the types of emails that will get read.

Next, when your customers are scanning their inboxes every day, the messages that ask for their attention without adding value to their day are the first to be swiped into their trash folder. Emails with tips that aid your customers in real ways in their daily lives are worth opening. Offer maintenance tips and tricks that extend the life of your product. Tell them how simple that finding financing for your products can be with HFS Financial. A helpful tip feels like a free gift!

Take Customers on a Behind-the-Scenes Email Tour

Finally, don’t forget everyone loves a behind-the-scenes moment! Let your customers in on the “secrets” of your trade. Show them the pride you take in serving them. Remind them that on the other side of this email are real people just like them; real people who understand their needs and are here with a professional solution to enrich their lives!

Email marketing remains an essential marketing tool for every industry and business. You can craft the types of emails that will get read by your leads and clients by focusing those emails on subjects that are relevant and helpful to them. Show customers that you are here to help them solve their problems. Offering HFS Financial as a financing solution makes your products more accessible than ever. Contact us today to find out how HFS Financial can help your leads become satisfied customers. With only 60 seconds of their time, they can apply for the financing they need to start their project with YOU! “You Dream It, We Finance It.” Start your free partnership with HFS Financial today!

4 Types of Emails That Will Get Read By Your Leads and Clients

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