4 Ways Offering Financing Helps You Find More Clients

4 Ways Offering Financing Helps You Find More Clients

As a contractor, being able to offer financing options for clients is absolutely ideal. HFS Financial is proud to partner with contractors to provide the assistance necessary for clients to complete outdoor addition plans, long overdue remodeling dreams, and all kinds of home improvement projects. We have been successfully connecting people with home loans for all of these types of projects and more. Home remodeling is always happening, and you want to be in on the exciting action. Here are 4 ways offering financing helps you find more clients.

Peace of Mind

We all dream of improving our homes in some way. A new pool or spa, a kitchen or bathroom remodel, replacing a roof or windows, an addition of a room for expansion… so many home dreams require a financial investment. In a world full of unknowns, having cash on hand is not the norm for everyone. And as a contractor, you can find more clients when you offer them peace of mind knowing that your business can provide financing options. Give your clients confidence that their dreams can become a reality without putting them in a financial bind. 

Anticipation of Completion

Some people try to save up money and wait to start their projects until they can fully fund them. However, that nest egg normally never grows quickly, as unexpected expenses can pop up without warning. Offering financing possibilities lets your customers know that their home improvement projects do not have to wait. After being approved for financing, they will be well on their way to a completed dream. An approximate timeline of events will be formulated, and the beautiful work can begin.  

Possibility of Broadening Horizons

Home improvement projects start out simple in the planning stage. But often seeing what a little change can do sparks a client’s yearning to alter much more in their home. As you talk with potential clients about their plans, mentioning financing options gives them wiggle room to expand their dreams. A project that initially might have been planned in stages can now be completed all at once. This broadens the horizon for the client and the contractor — a successful outcome for everyone.

Ahead of the Game

You already know that a contractor’s world is extremely competitive. There are all kinds of contractors to choose from today. As potential clients do their homework and search for the service they need, knowing that a contractor offers financing assistance is a game changer. To stay ahead of the curve and be able to compete well, offering financing is a must. A stellar reputation and history of great work may not be enough to draw a client’s business if they have no financial backing. Let their choice of contractor be easy by offering financing through HFS Financial.

Remember these 4 ways offering financing helps you find more clients. The HFS Financial team can connect your clients with the funding their project requires. It just takes 60 seconds to apply for any home improvement loan — small or great. “You Dream It, We Finance It.” Call 1-800-254-9560 to discuss options today! Get started on the road to gaining all the clients you need.


4 Ways Offering Financing Helps You Find More Clients

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