Email Marketing for Contractors

email marketing

Communication is important for any type of relationship, whether business or personal in nature. As a contractor, you want to find effective ways to communicate with your current clients as well as prospective clients. Email marketing for contractors is a great tool for this very crucial task. Whether your business is fairly new or has been around awhile, there are always new strategies to try out to help your company grow. HFS Financial has been around for close to 60 years. Let us help you with some email marketing techniques to utilize.

Address the correct audience. 

Email marketing is when you send out an email to a specific group of recipients. Ask for email addresses from your satisfied customers first. Then, branch out to the world of prospective clients also. Having people provide an email address when they are inquiring about your company is a great way to get an inroad for further communication.

Periodically checking in with your customers via email is also a good way to keep your name before them. When they dream up a new home improvement project, they will think about contacting you to do the work. 

Strategically sending emails to interested customers is also beneficial. You can send out information about things that you know will lure them in. 

Additionally, you can keep a “send to” list for customers, for possible customers, and then for all of your contacts at the same time. This makes it easier for you when it’s time to send the virtual mail.

Prepare emails with a purpose in mind.

Once you have your mailing lists prepared, you want to move on to focusing on the message you want to send. The biggest tip for effective email marketing for contractors is this: each email should be prepared carefully with a specific purpose in mind. 

If you simply want to stay engaged with your entire email address book, an occasional newsletter could be fun and friendly. This just helps to keep you connected with the people who have the potential to keep your business busy. 

Are you writing to sell a product or service you provide? A promotional email highlighting recently completed work is a welcome sight in those inboxes. Customers who love the work you’ve done for them will be reminded to contact you about that next project ASAP. People who are on the fence about who to hire will be reassured that you are ready and available. Showing them examples of the masterpieces they will be getting is important. 

Maybe you want to inform those not familiar with your company about the excellent contractor financing you offer through HFS Financial. There is never a wrong time to send out an informational email about “offering financing to my customers” to gather new clients.

HFS Financial partners with contractors across the United States to offer the best contractor financing for customers. Customers can call us at 1-800-254-9560 to talk about all of their home improvement loan application questions. In just sixty short seconds, they can apply today for any home improvement loan. Include this important information in your next email, and enjoy the results it brings. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

Email Marketing for Contractors

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