What Options Should I Add to My Pool?

What options should I add to my pool?

There are tons of options you can add to your pool to improve its performance, its safety, and its aesthetic. If you are asking, “What options should I add to my pool?” here are three additions that are definitely worth the investment. Learn how to make your new pool even better with these in-ground pool options!

Top Options to Add to Your Pool

Automatic or Manual Security Cover

First things first, you want to make sure you have a security cover for your pool. A security cover serves two purposes. One, it keeps debris from getting into the pool when it is not in use, but more importantly, it protects children and pets from falling into the pool without your knowledge.

As far as covers go, you have a number of options. If you want to go all out, you can get a fully retractable cover that goes over the pool at the push of a button. These are the most expensive covers available, but the ease with which they cover your pool combined with their strength makes them well worth it.

Another option is a standard security cover. These are connected to the patio around the pool with brass lugs that screw into the concrete and anchor the cover in place. The lugs can be screwed flush with the patio when you take the cover off so they don’t pose a tripping hazard. While they require a little more work to install, they are very good at keeping debris, people, and pets out of the pool.

Pool Lights

Still asking, “What options should I add to my pool?” Who doesn’t love the look of an illuminated pool at night? Adding an underwater light to your pool is an easy way to extend your swimming hours into the evening and give your pool a beautiful new look when the sun goes down. For a moderate initial investment, LED lights offer thousands of hours of life expectancy, which means you may only ever need one bulb. Stunning and dramatic, LED lights add both ambiance and safety features you’ll love.

Saltwater Generator

What’s a saltwater chlorinator? That’s the magical system that transforms your pool a saltwater pool. Then why does it have the word chlorine in it? You may not have known that saltwater pools actually use chlorine to clean the water. The difference is that chlorine pools use chlorine tablets or liquid that dissolve in the water, while saltwater pools used a saltwater chlorinator or generator. Through a chemical reaction with the generator cell, the salt turns into a form of pure chlorine that is used to sanitize your water gently and thoroughly.

The result is that saltwater pools need less chlorine to keep the water clean. This means that the way is easier on your skin and eyes and doesn’t give off as strong of an odor of chlorine, which some people don’t like.

The costs associated with a saltwater pool include the initial investment (up to $2,000) and replacing the salt cell every 5 years (~$800). But you’ll spend several times less on salt every pool season than you would on chlorine tablets, and you’ll have the benefit of water that’s easier on your skin and eyes.

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What Options Should I Add to My Pool?

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