The Home Improvement Business’s Guide to Professional Email Communications

Email Marketing for General Contractors

If you want to go from a “newbie” home improvement business to a major competitor in the home improvement market, professional email communications will go a long way toward reaching that goal. Your communication (or lack thereof) can impact your reputation more than you think. Even if you’re still figuring out this whole business owner thing, your customers will never see you sweat if you know how to properly communicate through email. Here’s the home improvement business’s guide to professional email communications.

For Professional Email Communications, Perfect the Subject Line

Make your emails stand out from the spam and Facebook notifications by including a specific subject line. Think of the subject box as a ten-word (or less) summary of what they are about to read. Keep your emails out of their “junk” folder by avoiding “sales” language in the subject. 

Customize It

Don’t send mass emails to all of your leads at the same time (this will also help you avoid the “junk” folder). At the top of each email write the client’s name using “Mr.” or “Ms.” and their last name. Bonus points if you can include a personal message in the opening about an earlier conversation you had with them. 

Sound Like a Human in Professional Email Communication

Even though your email should look formal and professional, people prefer to communicate with others who sound like themselves. Don’t use technical jargon that an average person wouldn’t understand. Don’t be too direct and abrupt. To you, it might sound like you’re stating facts, but to a client you might seem rude or cold. Since they can’t see your body language or hear your tone of voice, you have to make sure the tone of your email is polite and friendly. 

Spell Check and Double Check

Sending an email with poor grammar and misspelled words is a major red flag for potential customers. How are they supposed to trust you with the details of their home improvement project if you aren’t able to notice mistakes in your own email? If spelling and grammar are not your strong suits, you can use a website like Grammarly to edit your emails. 

Make It Brief and Easy to Read

Cater to busy and impatient people by getting to your point quickly. If you have two or more different topics to discuss in length, separate them into different emails. If applicable, use subheadings to help the reader find specific information quickly. Use bullet points to help them read a list easier. Finally, make the whole thing easier to read by separating long paragraphs into smaller ones, and increasing line spacing in between lines and paragraphs.

Provide Information About Contractor Financing

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The Home Improvement Business’s Guide to Professional Email Communications

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