The Pole Barn and Steel Building Business’s Guide to Google Rankings

Macbook displaying google outside pole barn and steel building business

Have you ever Googled “pizza near me”? There’s a reason why the biggest pizza chains show up at the top of the list and the “mom and pop” shops are relegated to page three. It’s because the big brands can hire search engine optimization (SEO) specialists who keep them at the top of Google rankings. But maybe, as a pole barn or steel building contractor, you don’t have the luxury of hiring SEO specialists. Luckily, it’s not that hard to learn these strategies and implement them yourself. With a little time and thoughtfulness, you, too, can move your way to the top of Google’s rankings. 

Quality Content

If all you have on your business website is basic information like your office hours and an “About Us” page, you are likely going to miss valuable internet traffic. You might be listed when a customer searches for “pole barn builder near me,” but what about other phrases people are searching related to pole barns? They are probably Googling questions like “How much does a pole barn cost?” and “difference between pole barn and steel building.” If you have answers to questions like this, you can have an easy way to direct people to your site. 

Google uses “crawlers,” which are programmed to scan the internet and index every website. The crawlers are smart enough to know if a website is posting in-depth answers that people actually want to know, or if they are just using keyword phrases over and over again with no desirable information.


Make sure any keywords related to the pole barn and steel building market are mentioned on your site in a few different places. You can see what keyword phrases are trending by visiting Google’s keyword planner. For example, when you type “steel building” into the keyword search, “RV carports” is one of the highest-ranking related keyword phrases. Knowing this, you can put a whole blog post on your website that caters to RV enthusiasts. 

Speaking of blogs, this is a great way to keep the most popular keyword phrases at the forefront of your website. Instead of bothering your website developer every time you want to include a new keyword phrase, you can simply use the phrase in a new blog post and dive deep into the details about that phrase. 

Engaging Content

You can have the highest-quality content with all the right keyword phrases, but it doesn’t mean much if people don’t stay on your site for more than two seconds. Consumers can judge whether or not your site is the one they are looking for in the blink of an eye. Google’s “crawlers” will rank your website higher or lower depending on how long people stay on the site, and how many times they click on different pages on the site. Here are a few ways to make your website as engaging as possible:

  • Include quality pictures of your pole barns or steel buildings on every page and blog post. 
  • Get to the point quickly so people don’t have to scroll endlessly to find the answer they need.
  • Make sure your website takes no longer than a few seconds to load so those impatient consumers don’t immediately click the “back” button.


Give Your Clients Easy Access to Financing

Once a customer has seen your awesome website and decided to work with you, you’ll want to help them find a way to pay for their project. When you apply to partner with HFS Financial, you’re providing your customers a shortcut to the best financing options for their pole barn or steel building. It only takes 60 seconds for them to apply, and the faster they get financed, the faster you will get paid! When it comes to pole barns and steel buildings, at HFS Financial, “You Build It, We Finance It.” 

The Pole Barn and Steel Building Business’s Guide to Google Rankings

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