The Pole Barn & Steel Building Business’ Guide to Dominating the Competition in Your Market

A steel building contractor drills into a wall as he dominates the competition by building the best. He is wearing flannel and a yellow hard hat.

The competition in your market is likely steep. Especially with the recent high demand for newly constructed pole barns and steel buildings, now is the time to make the effort to stand out. As a pole barn and steel building contractor you’ve found your niche market. Now it’s time to step up your game and finally start dominating the competition in your market. 

Provide Professional Customer Service for the Competition in Your Market

A contractor shakes hands with his customer while a computer sits open on a desk behind them. We see only their arms and torsos.
Dominate the competition by prioritizing professional customer service.


First off, since you’re looking to dominate the competition in your market, you’ll need to prioritize your professional customer service. We think it’s safe to say that you won’t be bringing in tons and tons of customers if you’re a big ole jerk. So be considerate to the people. But by the same token, you won’t make any money or build your business if you’re a doormat. 

Professional customer service is about more than just making sure your clientele is happy. It’s about operating your pole barn and steel building business with honesty and high standards. Make sure you’re following these guidelines for excellent customer service while also making sure that you’re prioritizing professionalism when it comes to your customer interactions. 

One of the best ways to dominate the competition in your market is to prioritize your professional customer service. 

Strategize When it Comes to Tough Customers

A tough customer reviews building plans with a steel building contractor wearing a hard hat and safety vest. We can see scaffolding in the background.
You can dominate the competition by winning over your tough customers.

Even if you consistently prioritize professional customer service, you’ll still have to deal with those tough customers. But they don’t have to hinder your ability to dominate the competition in your market. As a steel building and pole barn contractor, you’re naturally tough, so you’re likely not bothered by those tough customers. But there are a couple of strategies you can employ to make the whole process run more smoothly. 

Consider offering some extra add-ons to wow your tough customers. You could even take the time to invest in the client relationship and ask what they really value. Once you learn what your client likes, you can better prioritize their needs. It’s likely they’ll really appreciate your effort without really understanding why. Get in under the radar with your tough clients. And that, contractor friends, is how you end up dominating the competition.  

Stay Savvy to Your Internet Presence

A team of steel building and pole barn contractors gather around a computer open on a desk to learn more about their online presence. They hope to dominate the competition.
Dominate the competition by managing your online presence well.

As we move along in our guide to dominating the competition in your market, your pole barn and steel building business is not immune to the wiles of an internet presence. In today’s internet climate, your business is very likely being reviewed and discussed whether you’re aware of it or not. One of the best things you can do for your business and its online presence is to be aware and be proactive. 

The truth is that you probably have a Yelp account that’s associated with your pole barn and steel building contractor business whether you created it or not. Make sure you stay educated on how Yelp and other review sites work. If an account already exists for your business, go claim it. And start interacting with the clients and potential clients who are there to check you out. 

Another important aspect of your online presence is how you show up in Google’s (or any other search engine’s) rankings. But if you don’t know anything about how Google rankings work, then you’re not going to be able to use them to your advantage and leverage them for ultimate domination of the competition. 

The good news is that you can learn. Take some time to look into Google’s ranking process, and then use that information to make sure your business is seen. That exposure is sure to help you absolutely dominate the competition in the pole barn and steel building contractor world.

Prioritize Organization and Paperwork

A contractor sits at a table and looks over his paperwork.
Paperwork and organization matter to your business and its success.

Another must-have when it comes to dominating the competition is organization. The fact of the matter is that you just won’t be able to be as successful as possible if you do not prioritize organization and proper paperwork.

When it comes to pole barn and steel building contractors, there are two kinds: organized and unorganized. Very rarely will you find a contractor who falls somewhere in between. That other truth of that matter is that they can both make really excellent contractors. But at some point, the lack of organization is going to become an issue. 

Don’t let it happen to you. If you’re naturally unorganized, delegate some of that work to a different person, and consider investing in some tools that could make the process easier for you. There is no shame in recognizing where you could make improvements. 

And when you’ve gotten everything properly organized, prioritize the most important documents in your workflow. Streamlining the processes and universalizing the documentation is only going to move you closer to your goal of absolute competition domination. 

Assemble Your Dream Team 

A steel building contractor wearing green flannel and yellow work gloves carries a roll of steel cable.
Hiring good workers is a great way to ensure you dominate the competition.

And our final suggestion in the pole barn and steel building business’ guide to dominating the competition is to thoughtfully assemble your team. The popular saying to work smarter not harder is popular because it’s true. And it applies to the hiring process, too. 

In some instances, you’re stuck with what you get in terms of finding workers who are willing to work on your construction job. But that’s not always the case. And in instances where you can be picky, we highly recommend it. 

Your jobs will be made so much easier by prioritizing good workers and smart team members. And when you find these people, hold on to them. In order to dominate the competition, you’re only as good as the team you have. You can be an amazing pole barn or steel build contractor, but if you can’t build the structure because you have no team, then you won’t be dominating any competition in any market.

Offer the Best Pole Barn and Steel Build Financing

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The Pole Barn & Steel Building Business’ Guide to Dominating the Competition in Your Market

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