What Every Home Renovation Business Needs in a Website

A home renovation business owner works to build a website on their laptop computer that is open on a table top. There are tools on the table top and a friend with coffee sitting across from the business owner.

It’s undeniable that your home renovation business needs a website, but that website doesn’t necessarily need everything you may think. It’s possible to fill a website with too much information or irrelevant content. Both are pitfalls you want to avoid, and, luckily, it’s pretty easy to make a decent website with a bit of intentionality. 

Let’s dig into the things you want to include on your website for the most success. 

Your Home Renovation Specialties

One of the most important (and possibly most obvious) things every home renovation contractor should include on their website is what they do. It’s one thing to say that you’re a home renovation contractor, but it’s another to offer explicit descriptions of your specialties.

And sure, as a home renovation contractor, you can do it all, but you likely have areas of specialty. Those particular projects or skills that you’re good at should be the ones that you showcase. 

So, take some space on your website to dedicate to your own personal skills and expertise. Most people search for the best in the business for a particular home renovation project. They want the best contractor around, and that’s you. Make that obvious on your website. Sell your skill set and bring in more jobs. 

Information About You

Speaking of selling yourself, there will always be potential clients who are interested in who they’re hiring. They want to know your back story, your certifications, your experience, and your education. An “About Us” webpage is the perfect place to do that. 

This page is also great for showing a little personality and telling your potential clients more about you. Do you have a unique story? Tell them. Do you have some fascinating fact that loosely relates to your business? Put it here. 

Sharing a little more information about yourself could be the critical piece of information that tips your potential client over the edge when it comes to hiring you. If you graduated from the same school, root for the same team, or have distant cousins in common, any of those connections could resonate with a potential customer. 

You never know how people will connect with you. But, for the most part, people like to connect with other people, so show a little humanity on this webpage. 

High-Quality Images

One of the most important things to include on your webpage as a home renovation business is high-quality images. Home renovation is a visual business. Customers are updating their homes, and the vast majority of them are super-dedicated to an attractive finished product. That’s the primary reason you should prioritize high-quality images for your website. 

At a minimum, you should have at least some images on every webpage. And good practice would be to include a gallery of all your best work. Include before and after shots, details shots, and process shots to ensure a well-rounded portfolio. As part of selling your skills as a home renovation contractor, you need photos. 

Home Renovation Financing

And finally, you absolutely must include home renovation financing from HFS Financial. As the best in the home renovation financing industry, HFS Financial can offer you and your clients the most excellent, hassle-free financing options available today. And it’s super easy for you as the contractor. 

Simply contact our contractor team today, fill out the contractor application, and you can soon be offering the best contractor financing to your customers. 

So, don’t delay. Contact us today. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”


What Every Home Renovation Business Needs in a Website

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