What to Know Before Installing a Hot Tub Indoors

Are you considering purchasing a hot tub for yourself? Where will you put the fabulous purchase? If you’re planning on installing your hot tub indoors, HFS Financial knows there are questions you will want to ask before jumping into the project. Prepare your indoor hot tub location well. While thinking about financing, you should include these factors and the extra costs of installing a hot tub indoors.

Ground Floor Installs

Installing your hot tub on the ground floor is recommended if you can. The ground floor will be better able to support the weight of a filled spa. Basements or similar areas with reinforced concrete are a popular choice. If these are not an option, you can install one on the upper floors, but you may need to install a smaller two-person tub or add additional structural supports. Make sure a licensed engineer is involved. Ripping out ceilings and adding extra support beams can get very pricey quickly, so you will want to be prepared with the financing you need to get the job done right. 

Protect From Water Damage

Look at the flooring in the area where you want to place your hot tub and think about installing waterproof flooring with adequate drainage. Water will inevitably end up on the floor when getting in and out of your hot tub, so you want to protect things. You can also install a catch basin that can accommodate your spa’s volume. In the end, this prevents overflowing or splashing and keeps your home from getting water damaged. 

Choose Flooring Materials

Regarding what flooring materials you use, think of something non-slip that can be sanitized easily. This includes wood, concrete, non-slip tile, or linoleum. Ensure that you have enough ventilation once your flooring is installed to dry those floors quickly. A quick chat with the contractor doing your hot tub installation is a great resource to learn what they may recommend for your area and needs.

Prepare Your Walls

As far as walls and ceilings go, you must remember that whatever room your indoor hot tub is in will experience much higher humidity levels. Tiles are a great option, but if you want to paint, make sure it’s moisture resistant. You’ll also want a ceiling fan or dehumidifier installed to help control some humidity and prevent it from building up. These are all added costs that should be factored into any financing you get.

Keep Your Children Safe

In addition to thinking about how the water and humidity will affect your room, you should also consider any modifications you need to make to the area to keep pets and children safe. Do you need to add an extra lock to the door to get to the hot tub? Do you need to build another wall and add an entry to keep everyone safe? Plan these things out ahead of time so they can be included in the financing. 

HFS Financial Will Help You Get the Hot Tub of Your Dreams

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