3 “Extras” General Contractor Businesses Can Provide to Thrill Even the Toughest Customers

how general contractors can thrill even the toughest customers

No two customers are alike. This means that as a general contractor, you will have all kinds of people that you work with on various projects. Some customers will be easy to please. Others will require some extra care to get the satisfying experience they desire. HFS Financial is known as an expert in the home improvement financing industry. However, we also are here to help contractors succeed in their day-to-day operations. Here are 3 “extras” general contractor businesses can provide to thrill even the toughest customers. 

3 “Extras” to Thrill Even the Toughest Customers

Plans and Projects that Please

First, you want your projects to be the best creations around. To do this, you need a general contractor business plan for continual improvements and increased production. You want each of your customers to feel that their dream project is your first priority, even down to the smallest details.

Every homeowner has different likes and dislikes. These preferences will factor into the blueprints they are envisioning. An in-person consultation is a great way to start. This will give homeowners the opportunity to get to know you. Be sure to discuss the upgrade or improvement they need in depth. 

By offering this individualized planning process, you will draw the attention of people who are searching for the best general contractor around. You can have pictures of your completed projects for them to look through also. An improvement project that pleases is a product that every homeowner wants.

Service that Satisfies 

Next, you want your general contractor business to be known for excellent service that satisfies customers. A beautiful masterpiece will not be nearly as attractive if the customer’s experience with your company is not pleasant. First impressions are crucial. Be professional from the very first interaction with anyone you encounter. 

One important piece of this product of a satisfying experience is to stay in regular contact with the customers throughout the construction process. You can keep them happy by informing them about the progress of the project, from start to finish. When unexpected changes occur, they can’t be the last to find out.

Another thing to consider is offering a guarantee for the customer’s complete satisfaction. Then be prepared to back up that promise. If the customer isn’t pleased with something and there is not an outrageous expense for correcting it, take action to change it. The customer will then know they can count on you to deliver what you promised.

Financing that Frees

Finally, home improvement financing is a product that not all businesses or general contractors offer. When partnering with HFS Financial, you are setting yourself up for success. We are here to help your customers find the funds that they need to get their remodeling or refurbishing when and how they want it. 

You are always working toward your goal to expand your general contractor business. By offering these 3 “extras” general contractor businesses can provide to thrill even the toughest customers, you are setting your company apart from your competition. Anyone can inquire about a home improvement loan in just 60 seconds. Our team is also just a phone call away at 1-800-254-9560 to talk to homeowners about their funding questions. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It!”

3 “Extras” General Contractor Businesses Can Provide to Thrill Even the Toughest Customers

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