Close More Deals by Offering Contractor Financing for Customers

Two hands bump fists over a white table upon which are sitting a white hard hat, a level, a calculator, and a measuring tape. The contractor has closed the deal by offering contractor financing to his customer.

It’s always the goal to close the deal. You’ve probably thought of all kinds of ways to make it happen, but did you know you can close more deals by offering contractor financing for customers?

Offering Contractor Financing Means More Clients

When you offer the best contractor financing for customers, you’re really opening yourself and your contracting business up to a whole new tier of clients. Think about it: prior to offering financing, you likely only served those clients who could self-finance or who sought financing elsewhere. When you offer the financing yourself, you cut out the middle man. You can market yourself to people who may not have even known that contractor financing was an option. Essentially, you can offer services to more clients as a contractor who offers financing than one who does not. More potential clients equals more actual clients.

Better Projects

If you can offer financing to your customers, you can close more deals because those new clients can afford better projects. Imagine you have a client who has prepared financially to hire you to complete their building project. They didn’t want to bother with any kind of financing because it’s a hassle. But now, they learn that you, their contractor, offers financing. Now that’s a different ball game, because it’s not nearly as much of a hassle. And, since they’ve planned ahead financially, they may be able to utilize their financing options to realize a much larger and valuable project than they might have without the option to finance through you. That’s another closed deal. You not only get to work on a better project, you also close the deal and end up with a happy customer. 

Potential Return Customers

Do you know what happy customers do? They come back. Another way to close more deals is by scoring repeat customers. When you leave a job with completely satisfied clients, the potential that they’ll use your services again the next time they need a repair or remodel is pretty high. A repeat client is still another closed deal. Those clients who are able to realize their construction dreams because you offer home improvement financing are likely to be thankful and pleased that their contractor was able to offer such a perk. 

A Cut Above

And finally, offering contractor financing is going to set you apart from the crowd of all the other general contractors in your area. When clients are researching who they will trust to renovate their home or build their new back deck, what’s going to make you stand out? To those customers who need a little help with financing, it’s going to be the contractor who offers the best contractor financing for customers. Make sure that you’re giving your business and your clients every opportunity they need to succeed. 

So, what else is there to know? Offering contractor financing is super simple for both you and your client. Partner with HFS Financial to make sure that you’re offering the best. Give us a call to get started today at 1-800-254-9560. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.” 

Close More Deals by Offering Contractor Financing for Customers

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