The Swimming Pool Business’ Guide to Dominating the Competition in Your Market

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Dominating the competition is your best bet when it comes to becoming a successful swimming pool contractor. There are some strategies you need to implement in order to give yourself an advantage over the competition. Your awesome business skills are important, but you need to educate yourself. We’ve got the information you need. Here’s the swimming pool business’s guide to dominating the competition in your market. 

Dominate The Competition in Time Management

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Dominate the competition with good time management.

First things first, and that’s time management. As a general contractor, and particularly a swimming pool contractor, you’ll have a very clear busy season and off season, especially if you live in a cool climate. You may be tempted to slack off during your off season, but that’s a detriment to your business. When you’re first beginning and when you’re an established business, you’ll need to use normal work hours to hustle to make sure you’re making your business the best it can be. Edge out that competition by always being ahead of the game.

Take the time to research some strategies that can help you thrive during the off season. Utilize the extra time you have to acquire new skills or maintain your equipment. Spend some of your slower days building relationships with people who will work alongside you. Subcontractors and building suppliers are great people to network with and reach out to during the off season. See how you can help each other out. That way, when the busy season picks up and you’re busy digging and installing swimming pools, you’ll have a network of people who know you well enough to help you out. 

Dominate The Swimming Pool Marketing Competition 

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Dominate the competition by focusing on your marketing strategy.

Your next point of time investment to dominate the competition is to make sure your marketing game is on point. One of the easiest ways to ensure you’ve got a constant presence in front of clients and potential leads is to set up and maintain your online social media presence. There may be an initial time investment on the front end when you set up your accounts and learn the ins and outs for each platform. But once you’ve established your following and know what to post, you’ve basically got free marketing. Consider these social media platforms that really lend themselves to swimming pool businesses and contractors. 

Don’t underestimate the importance of more traditional venues of marketing for your business, as well. Local advertisements, logos, and vehicle wraps are all great ways to get your name in front of potential pool building clients. Make sure you’re doing the most you can to dominate the competition in your market. 

Dominate The Contractor Financing Competition in Your Market

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Dominate the competition with excellent contractor financing.

As we move on down the list of ways to dominate, contractor financing with HFS Financial will set you apart from the competition in your market. As a swimming pool contractor, you can absolutely expect to close more deals just because you offer contractor financing. When your clients need financing to build that pool, it only makes sense to cut out any middlemen and use their contractor for financing too. And with HFS Financial, your client becomes just like a cash buyer. 

Offering contractor financing sets you ahead of the competition in your market because your clients don’t have to worry about shopping around, getting approved, or waiting on the bank. Streamline the process so you can get more done faster, because with HFS Financial you don’t have to wait on the funding, either. With HFS Financial, there’s no stage funding. You can get through each pool build or home improvement project faster. 

Improve Cash Flow Over the Competition 

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Cash flow can help you dominate the competition.

Once you’ve finally partnered with HFS Financial to offer contractor financing, you can move on to dominating the competition in your market by improving your cash flow. Generating consistent and reliable cash flow can be an issue in the general contracting business, but there are some strategies you can use here that can also set you apart from the competition and get your business one step ahead. 

Once again, contractor financing can go a long way toward improving your cash flow. Once your clients are approved, the loans always fund 100% up front. That means your cash flow for that job is guaranteed. So be sure to partner with HFS Financial. 

You can also improve cash flow by making sure you’ve got organized systems in place. Consider accepting payments through your website online, so there are less logistical reasons for payments to be late. Give incentives to clients to pay on time or early by offering early payment discounts. And make sure that your own estimates are tight and precise. That way your clients aren’t surprised by any extra charges, and you don’t run the risk of losing business. 

Dominate the Competition with Outstanding Customer Service

A customer and a contractor shake hands to show how good customer service can help you dominate the competition.
Excellent customer service can help you dominate the competition.

And finally, you can be sure to dominate the competition in your market by maintaining outstanding customer service. There is so much to be said about a business that is honest and reliable and one that prioritizes great customer service. There are often a lot of variables for swimming pool contractors and swimming pool businesses, but your customer service is one thing that you can control. 

Some customer service strategies are pretty straightforward and simple. Be reliable and honest. Communicate with your clients any time something unexpected happens or something goes wrong. Most people are generally understanding, especially if you manage their expectations well from your initial consultation on. Make sure you become well versed in the art of under-promising and over-delivering. You’ll be sure to come out on top with the vast majority of your clients.

And when you do have unhappy customers, be sure to address their concerns and make amends as best you can. You shouldn’t meet unrealistic expectations or unreasonable demands, but you should value your company’s image. And do the best you can to maintain really great customer service. 

Partner With HFS Financial

By far the best thing you can do to dominate the competition in your market is to offer contractor financing to your customers through HFS Financial. Our team has years of experience in the home improvement loan industry. We’re ready to partner with you to set you apart from the competition and get your clients approved for their loan options in 60 seconds. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

The Swimming Pool Business’ Guide to Dominating the Competition in Your Market

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