How Home Improvement Businesses Can Win More Customers By Offering Financing

A home improvement contractor installs wooden floor planks while on his knees. We can see his hands and work boots as he kneels.

Your home improvement business is on the cusp of exponential growth. Is there anything you can do to push it over the edge? Yes! Offering contractor financing through HFS Financial can actually help you win more customers

Let’s take a minute to look at all the ways that contractor financing can benefit your business. It’s actually one of the best business decision you can make. Here’s how home improvement businesses can win more customers by offering financing. 

Bring in New Customers

One interesting thing about contractor financing is the fact that it has the potential to provide a way for new customers to utilize your services as a home improvement contractor who haven’t had that chance before. When financial situations are limiting, then people often aren’t able to make the home improvements they want to. 

By offering contractor financing, you’re allowing a new group of clients and customers to enjoy your services, and that means more income and more job bookings for you. Contractor financing works a little differently than a lot of other financial services, so you’re also opening up the opportunity for some customers to make these projects happen a little more easily than if they looked into other options. 

When these customers learn that they can get the home improvement contractor they need and the financial options they need in the same place, things become a little more manageable. And it may lead to sealing the deal for you on more jobs than you expected. 

Influence Repeat Customers with Home Improvement Financing

Home improvement financing can also help you influence repeat customers. Those customers who were satisfied with your work may be looking for ways to get you back. But it’s also possible they’ve depleted their original funding source. 

By offering financing through HFS Financial, you’d be offering another path for your customers to become repeat customers. Happy customers hire you again. And happy customers tell their friends. Contractor financing can bring you all sorts of unexpected business, and that’s just an added benefit. 

Provide the Extra Financial Boost

Another way that your business can win more customers is because you’ll be providing the extra financial boost that some clients may need to fully complete their  projects. When people are looking to hire a home improvement contractor, some projects are a luxury. But others are not. 

Consider damage to homes or bathrooms that have become non-functional. There are times when families may not have the income or insurance to make these improvements happen. 

For those home improvement projects that are not luxuries, but absolute necessities, your home improvement financing could provide the extra financial boost that a customer needs to actually get the repair or renovation they absolutely have to have. 

Home Improvement Contractor Extraordinaire

And finally, it’s worth considering how contractor financing could actually improve your ability to do your job. When you offer home improvement financing through HFS Financial, all of our loan options fund directly to the consumer 100% up front. That means that you’re not waiting around for the next stage of funding to come through. With your contractor financing, your clients become just like cash buyers. You’re moving faster. You’re getting those home improvement jobs done. And you’re booking more jobs than ever. 

HFS Financial are the experts of home improvement financing. We know a thing or two about how it’s done, and we’re ready to partner with you. Apply online to get started today. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”


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