How to Check References & Reviews Before Hiring a General Contractor

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Is it finally time to hire a professional to complete those home improvement projects that you’ve been waiting to have done? You will want to know how to check references & reviews before hiring a general contractor. HFS Financial has been helping homeowners with their home improvement loans for nearly 60 years. Personalizing your home is a process you want to enjoy, from start to finish. We have a few tips to help you as you prepare to choose a general contractor. 

Reach Out to Several References

First, remember that you want to contact multiple references before hiring a general contractor. Ask any contractor that you’re considering for a list of people you can contact to learn more about their company’s reputation. Try to talk to at least three customers who have hired the contractor before. Finding customers who had work done that is similar to what you are considering is ideal, if possible. 

Talking to multiple people will give you several opinions to contemplate. And every customer’s experience is slightly different. If what you are hearing from various sources is positive, then you can feel confident about moving forward with that contractor.

Chat About Costs

Next, be sure to chat about costs with the former customers that you connect with. Specifics are not necessary. However, you can get a general idea of what took place. Did the contractor give an estimate for the costs to expect for the project? And did they stay as close to that estimate as possible? Knowing that a contractor is conscientious of the money you’re investing is huge.

Talk About Timelines

As you wrap up your conversations with each reference, inquire about the contractor’s attention to the details of a timeline. Were they given a tentative timeline to reference for the progress of the project? And did the contractor’s company follow through with this schedule? 

Everyone knows that unexpected delays can occur. But it is very reassuring to know what to expect from the get-go on your long-awaited dream project. It makes waiting much easier when an expected finish date is set in motion.

Remember to Read Reviews

Finally, remember to read contractor reviews before you finalize your decision. A company that has been in existence for any length of time will have customer reviews on their website. Reading these responses is another great way to get an idea of what a general contractor is capable of accomplishing for you. A review gives you a brief glimpse about the experiences homeowners have had with a contractor and his company.

Now that you know how to check references & reviews before hiring a general contractor, you can make your final selection. Then contact the knowledgeable team at HFS Financial to discuss your home improvement financing options. 

Our loan consultants are waiting by the phones at 1-800-254-9560 to help you get your loan process started. You can also take just 60 seconds to apply for almost any home improvement loan. “You Dream It, We Finance It!” We’re ready to help you see your dream improvements get underway.

How to Check References & Reviews Before Hiring a General Contractor

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