The Consumer’s Guide to Hiring a General Contractor

guide to hiring a general contractor

Being a homeowner comes with all kinds of perks and responsibilities. While you are free to remodel or refurbish anything you want, you also have the important job of finding the right general contractor to oversee your home improvement projects. Here is “The Consumer’s Guide to Hiring a General Contractor” to help you as you make your final selection.

For almost six decades, HFS Financial has been in the home improvement loan industry. We are passionate about helping homeowners with the loan searching process. We also offer helpful tips to make the daunting task of locating the right general contractor easier, no matter the extent of the renovation project. Let’s jump right into this guide!

Hunt Before You Hire

First, be sure that you do not just hire the first general contractor that you find in your Google search. There is a vast array of general contractors to consider. You want to make an informed decision that you will be completely satisfied with in the long run. Here is some useful information about how to check references & reviews before hiring a general contractor

Scout Out Several Options

As you narrow down your search, begin to ask the general contractors that you are considering hiring for some references. If they are not willing to give you contact information for customers they’ve worked with, you should see a red flag right away. Or maybe you are unable to reach anyone that they list. Then you might want to eliminate those business names from your list of options.

Discuss Details with References

Remember to discuss important details with the references that you are able to connect with. Talk about the general contractor’s attention to every detail of their home improvement project. Bring up the budget that was discussed and then actually needed. Talk about the timeline of events they experienced. 

Remember to Check Online Reviews

One more key item that will tell you a lot about the general contractor in question is their online reviews. See what customers are saying about their overall experience with any dealings they have had with the general contractor’s company. By doing your homework, you will have plenty of information to help you make a good choice for your home improvement project’s manager.

This preliminary research work is a necessity for your peace of mind. It can also keep you from experiencing the scary pitfalls of hiring an unqualified general contractor on a personal level. You do not want to lose money on an unqualified contractor. You also don’t want to be left in the lurch on a project. This could mean starting over on an entire renovation… and no one likes the disappointment of delays. So thoroughly check out all of the information at your disposal before hiring a contractor.

Pick the Projects that Require a Professional’s Help

The Consumer’s Guide to Hiring a General Contractor

Next, before hiring a general contractor, you must decide on the scope of the renovation project. You could have a list a mile long of things you want to improve over an extended period of time. Some tasks will be simple. You will have the time and skills to do them on your own. However, there are definitely home improvements that will require much more effort and expertise to complete. 

Large Projects

You will have to decide which projects will require the help of a general contractor. For instance, remodeling a bathroom is not an easy DIY project for the average homeowner. Enlisting the help of a general contractor can be very beneficial. A general contractor already has connections to subcontractors who are skilled to complete each phase of the construction. 

You can hire one general contractor. They will then become your project manager and will oversee all of the transforming work for you. From the new plumbing work to the laying of the new floor, your dreams will come to life at the hands of skilled contractors.

Lengthy Projects

Maybe you know how to do a renovation project yourself, like refinishing, painting, and replacing hardware throughout the house. But you do not have the time to get the task done and ready for use quickly enough. This is also a great reason to enlist the help of a general contractor. Free up your schedule and trust the experts to schedule the necessary work to be completed sooner rather than later.

Look for Logistical Paperwork

Another tip from “The Consumer’s Guide to Hiring a General Contractor” is to carefully look for all the logistical paperwork that you should receive when you hire a contractor. What documents should I expect to get from my general contractor? Great question! There are several items to be expecting to receive.

The contract is definitely a document to read thoroughly before signing. Be looking for the forms that tell you when and how things will be taking place through each phase of the construction. The Scope of Work, construction schedule, and change order paperwork are things to keep close by to reference regularly. You also want to make sure that the general contractor has his legal paperwork in order, such as a business license, insurance information, and proof of bonding.

Don’t Fret the Financing

The Consumer’s Guide to Hiring a General Contractor

Finally, you want to know that your home improvement dreams will not be delayed by having to locate funding for yourself. This is why HFS Financial exists — to assist homeowners and contractors alike with their home improvement financing needs. So, maybe you’re wondering, “Can I get a general contractor that offers financing?” Yes, general contractors across the country offer excellent financing through HFS Financial.

Home improvement loans are our specialty. In fact, it is the only type of loan options we work with. And we’ve perfected the loan application process to make it as enjoyable and easy as possible. 

Anyone can take just 60 seconds to inquire about a loan for their home improvement projects. Our team is waiting to answer your questions at 1-800-254-9560. You’ve completed the reading of our helpful guide. Now contact us to get your dream improvements started! With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It!”

The Consumer’s Guide to Hiring a General Contractor

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