How to Create More Storage in Your Home

Room in home with lots of storage

Sometimes life is just harder without good storage solutions. Are you tired of tripping over random items left haphazardly on the floor? Or are you exhausted with never being able to find the clothes you actually WANT to wear? Would you love pantry shelving that allows you to find everything you need to create the most delicious meals? If you find yourself in any of these positions, it’s time to create more storage in your home to bring you peace of mind and ease of use — once and for all. 

Find the Best Storage System

Every home is different, which means a storage system that works for your neighbor may not work well for you. Ask yourself these questions when considering a new system of order for your home:

  • Does it create more space?
  • Can I group “like things” together?
  • Are my items easier to find with this system?
  • Does it make my normal routine easier?


Answering these questions will help you to narrow down the best storage space solutions for your home.

Make a Master Plan

When you need more storage, shelving, cabinets, and drawers are the way to go. Maybe you need a kitchen renovation with stunning cabinets that create more usable space. Or maybe your pantry needs an upgrade from those tired builder-grade wire shelves into a multi-level built-in system created just for you.

Speaking of those metal shelves, is your old closet metal rack breaking from the weight that’s been delegated to it? Building out a wooden system complete with hanging rods and plenty of shelving space is the perfect way to go. 

And basement storage? Design just what you need for all of your games, books, Christmas and holiday décor, children’s toys, and so much more.

Making Storage Crystal Clear

There’s an easy way to keep your new built-in system nice and tidy. Ask any professional organizer, and they’ll quickly tell you that clear storage options are the way to go. By choosing a clear storage bin, you can easily see which items go there. 

It’s also an incentive to put things away neatly rather than randomly shoving things in boxes. If you’re working on a space like your living room, choose decorative baskets that match your décor and enhance the overall aesthetic. 

Whichever you choose, labels are always a nice, helpful touch to keep things orderly. This is especially true for children, as they may not always group similar things together at first.

Discover Your Prime

The area of space between your knees and shoulders is referred to as your “Prime Real Estate.” As you work to organize your new storage system, keep the items you use most frequently at this height level for easy finding. Other things can go lower or higher, whichever works best for you.

Triple Measure Your Space

If you’re completely re-doing a room to create a better storage solution, triple measure. Whether it’s a brand new set of kitchen cabinets or a closet organizational system that’s out of this world, you want it to fit upon arrival. Measure where you intend to install racks, shelves, or drawers. It’s also helpful to measure the bins you’ve chosen and plan in advance how many will fit into your space.

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How to Create More Storage in Your Home

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