Should I Offer a Waitlist for My Clients?

contractor's waitlist

Should I offer a waitlist for my clients? This is a great question to have answered for your business’s future success. Having your own contracting business is exciting and can also be exhausting some days. When your work is exceptional, your world can quickly get pretty hectic. Happy customers will tell their friends about their new upgrades. Then you will find yourself inundated with new project requests. 

HFS Financial helps contractors all over America to provide the best contractor financing for customers. Requests for funding are never ending, which means we understand the busyness that you as a contractor are experiencing. Here are some ways that a waitlist can help you to prioritize work requests and keep customers anticipating your masterpieces.

“Is it my turn yet?”

First, a waitlist helps customers know their turn is coming. There are all kinds of waitlists that people utilize all of the time. Getting their name on the list is exciting and helps them see that the end to their anticipation is coming. 

Maybe homeowners are waiting for a new pool. Offering a waitlist allows them to know their pool will be a reality soon because their dream matters to you. Perhaps a family needs a new roof on their home. A waitlist for necessary repairs like this is also a great idea. This list allows you to see which projects need to be completed and helps you as you schedule jobs for yourself and your employees each week. 

“When will my project be finished?”

Next, a waitlist is helpful because it allows you to give customers an approximate timeline of events. Rather than waiting indefinitely they are able to wait with the assurance that you have their project on your to-do list. 

Every home improvement project looks different. However, your experience helps you to lay out an estimate of time that will be spent waiting before the work begins to start the second phase of the project — transformation time. 

Unexpected delays can alter these estimates slightly, but having the list helps everyone. Contractors can work on other projects when their current job hits a snag, and homeowners can accept these detours knowing that the work is just momentarily paused.

Secured financing can help you organize your list.

One final thing to think about as you consider offering a waitlist for clients is that customers who have financing secured through HFS Financial are cash buyers. We connect customers with no stage funding that goes directly to them before the start of their project. They can then get you your money so that you can begin working immediately. Their name can advance to the top of the list ahead of anyone who is still waiting for alternative financing. 

We love to say, “You Dream It, We Finance It.” Contractors confidently choose to partner with us, because they know that our loan process is second to none. A waitlist is a great way to organize your projects and to open up more opportunities for your business. An application for any home improvement loan takes only 60 seconds. Our knowledgeable team is also available at 1-800-254-9560 to answer inquiries as well.

Should I Offer a Waitlist for My Clients?

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