The Sunroom Builder’s Guide to Smart Hiring

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Finding a good employee these days is like finding a gold coin on the beach — it takes a while, and when you find one, you want to hold onto it forever. This is especially true for a sunroom builder. If you are lucky enough to find an experienced, willing worker, they may not stick around for long. At HFS Financial, we are here with the best advice on how to hire and keep quality employees. It might take more time on your part, but hiring smart is always worth it in the long run.

Treat Your Employees Right

If your company has a reputation for low pay or poor worker treatment, no one is going to be lining up to work for you. Foster a culture of employee appreciation. Offer competitive payment. Provide bonuses when projects are finished on schedule or after positive customer surveys. Find other ways to recognize hard work and show your employees that you appreciate them. Word will get around.

Perfect Your Sunroom Builder Job Postings

If you have posted a job on only one employment site and it hasn’t gotten any “bites,” you need to widen your net. Think about options besides Indeed and Zip Recruiter. There are a few different job websites that are specifically for construction jobs. 

When typing up the job description, be very specific about what the employee will be expected to do and the experience you will require. This will prevent workers from rejecting your job offer because they didn’t know exactly what they were applying for in the first place. This will also discourage workers who are lacking in experience from applying when they are not qualified.

Advertise Job Opening on Social Media

If your sunroom contracting business doesn’t yet have a strong social media presence, find out how to fix that here. Use inexpensive Facebook advertising to promote job openings through your business account.

Follow Through with References

Just because the potential employee wrote down three references doesn’t mean those references will have nice things to say about them. They might be hoping you don’t actually call their former bosses. However, it will only take a few minutes to find out whether or not that person really has a strong work ethic. 

Implement a Sunroom Builder Apprenticeship Program

If you recruit newbies to come train under your watch, you can train them as high-quality, detail-oriented employees. Arrange student placements with local high schools or trade schools or pass out flyers to their students who might be looking for a new career opportunity. 

Offer Sunroom Financing Through HFS Financial

If you partner with HFS Financial to provide contractor financing, you can devote more of your precious time to finding excellent employees. We make getting a sunroom loan super quick and easy. All your customers will have to do is fill out our 60 second application right from your website, and their sunroom project could be funded in as little as 48 business hours after application approval. When you pair smart hiring with smart financing, you can’t go wrong. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It!”


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