The Ultimate Toolkit Every Contractor Needs for Online Promotion

A contractor manages online promotion for his contractor business at a laptop beside his work gloves, bubble level, and coffee.

Never underestimate the importance of marketing your business online as a contractor. Your new clients and leads want to hear about your products and services. You provide something that people need, and online marketing has fast become one of the best ways to let them know it. In fact, Pew Research Center has revealed that “40% of adults with an annual household income of $75,000 or more say they use the internet almost constantly.” Furthermore, people aren’t only using the internet to watch cute animal videos at work. (Although if they were, we would understand.) On the contrary, businesses in all industries connect with leads and clients online every day. So how exactly do you accomplish such a feat? Welcome to the ultimate toolkit every contractor needs for online promotion.

The Ultimate Toolkit Every Contractor Needs for Online Promotion

If you aren’t promoting your contractor business online, your clients and leads are missing out. So, consider this your “Online Promotion 101” course. No quizzes or exams, of course, just helpful tips and guidance. Read on for the ultimate toolkit every contractor needs for online promotion.

Find Your Audience Where They Are

First and foremost, the internet is a BIG place. Every day, gargantuan amounts of information and content are added to the already massive collection of data stored on the World Wide Web. You don’t want to just cast your marketing out into the online universe and hope it finds the right people. 

Sometimes it seems like a new social media platform is born every day. You may feel the pressure to build a brand presence on all of these platforms. However, you may find that this strategy can become a waste of time and money. If you know who your audience is, with research you can find out if they are more inclined to spend time on a specific social platform over others. 

Consumers of different ages are often drawn to the user base of certain platforms. Some internet spaces welcome homeowners in search of home improvement ideas while others don’t as much. Get to know your audience and establish yourself on the sites they prefer. If you are trying to break into a new demographic, you can find what platforms they spend time on and focus your marketing there.

Your repeat customers and potential new clients are using the internet in specific ways. Learn their online habits to execute your online promotion in harmony with them. Your contract business’ target audience uses the internet in greater volumes at specific hours of the day. They prefer certain methods of communication and networking over others. They post to their favorite social media sites and ignore others. These potential new clients read and share certain types of emails but mark others as junk without even opening them. Use this information to find your audience where they are and promote your contractor business in ways that are meaningful to them.

Make Your Website A Solid Home Base and Information Hub

Second, your online promotion starts and ends at a quality home website. Clients need a reliable source of information about your products and services. While social media is great for networking and connecting with leads, it is important to have a well-appointed website for your social media messaging to point them to.

Your website should be inviting and easy to navigate. You don’t need to make it a complete encyclopedia of your company and industry. Showcase the services and products you provide. Clearly display the information your leads and clients need to know to determine that you are the right contractor for them.

Your website should include a homepage that features a concise description of your company. When a lead lands on your website, they should immediately be able to tell who you are and what you do. This is not the time to be mysterious! Back this up with a more detailed “About Us” section that answers the questions you get asked most often about your business. This is also a great place to show your company’s heart by displaying your history and the causes you support.

Equip your website with lots of helpful information to keep your leads clicking around. A blog is a great way to drive traffic to your site and show off what you know. You should also display your products and services in easy-to-understand ways with engaging visuals.

Round out your website with features like social media links and client reviews. Link to all of your social pages so visitors to your site can connect with you there. You can even show previews of your social media content on your website with widgets that display your latest posts. A page of positive client reviews tells your leads that people who were once in their position chose your contractor business and were happy with the results.

Finally, make sure your contact page is always up to date with the best ways to get in touch with you. You don’t need to include every type of communication channel unless you are able to be responsive to every one. Include only the contact methods you know you can respond with in a timely manner. Then make sure you do!

Enrich Your Online Promotion with Meaningful Content

Don’t forget to fill your website, social media, and other marketing messaging with helpful content that is relevant to your clients and leads. Host insightful blogs on your website. Share news and engaging media on your social channels. Enrich your email marketing in a way that leads know they’ll be happy they opened each message. 

For contractors, online promotion needs to be more than an endless scroll of sale announcements. When you make your online promotion a reliable source of valuable information to your leads, they will keep engaging and coming back for more. When you improve their daily lives with free knowledge, they know they can rely on you when they need a contractor in your industry. 

Take special care to effectively promote your contractor business online. Include contractor financing options from HFS Financial in your online promotion to show leads and clients they have options when they shop with you. We can connect your customers with the funding they need for all of their home projects. With this online promotion toolkit and contractor financing choices from HFS Financial, you can convert your leads to happy repeat customers. Contact us today to get started! “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

The Ultimate Toolkit Every Contractor Needs for Online Promotion

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